Samstag, 11. April 2009

Sky-Blue Eyes

Jo Leute. Ich hab irgendwie gar keine Lust auf dieses "Download, but please support the Bands!" ding.. Fühl mich momentan irgendwie nicht so... Auf dem anderen Blog wird warscheinlich auch ehr Tote Hose sein...
Das heißt jetzt nicht das ich überhaupt nicht mehr upploade. Vieleicht ab und zu aber bevor ich wieder regelmäßig was uppen kann muss ich was regeln...
Könnt jaah weiter hin was auf der Shoutbox hinterlassen, oder mir jaah mailen :

Hey guys. This Days I really don't feel like I'm going to post some stuff. For sure, I'will upload things from time to time but.. I gotta do sumthing first before I can upload stuff every 3rd day...
Hope you guys respect that. If you wanna tell me something, drop me a line at my Shoutbox or mail me :

"Everything I need finds places I can't reach-
I wan't everything to be Easy"
Bats & Mice

Devil Lad

Bats & Mice - Belive it Mammals

Tracklist :

01. A Safe Bet
02. Undress Princess
03. I'm Not Surprised
04. Sliding Scale
05. Worst Comes To Worst
06. Hallway
07. A Polished Facade
08. Enough For You
09. Motel
10. Where's Ann Arbor
11. Easy

Year : 2002
Format : CD
Minutes : About 40 mins

Download : Belive it Mammals

Bats & Mice - A Person Carrying A Handmade Paper Bag Is Considered As A Royal Person

It's Awesome... Really!
I Got the 7"

Tracklist :

01. The Royal Paper Bag
02. Military Smile
03. Even And Then Some
04. Around What's Done

Year : 2003
Format : 7"/CD
Minutes : About 10 mins

Download : A Person Carrying...

Bats & Mice - Bats & Mice

Bats & Mice. Indie-Emo. Post Rock. Melancholic. Sensitiv. Heartbreaking. Breathtaking.
I hate writing discriptions...

Tracklist :

01. This Can Become Completely All The Same
02. Your Myself
03. The Bridge Is Out (To Burn)

Year : 2004
Format : CD
Minutes : About 15 mins

Download : Bats & Mice

Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

Four Hundred Years - The New Imperialism

Tracklist :

1. If You're a Joke I Don't Get It
2. The New Imperialism
3. How About We Both Stop Lying to Each Other
4. They Weren't Hiding It At All
5. Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out
6. Philadelphia
7. Who is Driving This Thing Anyway?
8. Sleepwalker

Year : 1999
Format : CD
Minutes : About 55 mins

Download : The New Imperialism

Four Hundred Years - Suture and Other songs

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. Lifesupport
03. Suture
04. Steve's Song
05. Level Playing Field
06. Nickel and Dime
07. Thicker Than Water
08. Architect
09. Love Letter to the CIA
10. Six Minutes
11. Signal
12. Red Tape
13. Lock Up
14. Hoodwinked

Year : 1999
Format : CD
Minutes : About 40 mins

Download : Suture and Other songs

Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure

Four Hundred Years(short 400 Years) came out after Emo Legends Policy of 3 broke up. Their style is kinda strange for the 90s Emo scene. Forget that "NYHC-I-Am-So-Hard-Let's-Mosh"-bullshit...
Clean HC.

Tracklist :

01. Power of Speech
02. Penny for Your Thoughts
03. Radio Silence
04. Transmit Failure
05. An Hour Too Late
06. Motion Sickness
07. Throw Spark
08. Sequence
09. Give Us This Day
10. Line Breaker

Year : 1998
Format : CD
Minutes : About 45 mins

Download : Transmit Failure

The Get Up Kids - Guilt Show(Secret Site)

Again some unreleased stuff. This was recorded when Guilt Show was released.

Tracklist :

01. Man of Conviction (Piano Demo)
02. Man of Conviction (Acoustic Demo)
03. The One You Want (Robbie's House Demo)
04. Never Be Alone (Piano Demo)
05. Wouldn't Believe It (Robbie's House Demo)
06. Holy Roman (Acoustic Demo)
07. Holy Roman (Live at the Lodge Demo)
08. Martyr Me (Version #1 Demo)
09. Martyr Me (Version #2 Acoustic Demo)
10. Martyr Me (_While You Were Sleeping_ Original Demo)
11. Martyr Me (Live at the Lodge Demo)
12. How Long is Too Long (Scott Litt Demo)
13. Sick in Her Skin (Robbie's House Demo)
14. In Your Sea ("Take the Fall" Original Demo)
15. In Your Sea (Robbie's Basement Demo Vocal #1)
16. In Your Sea (Robbie's Basement Demo Vocal #2)
17. Sympathy (Solo Acoustic Demo)
18. The Dark Night Of The Soul (Piano Demo)
19. Is There A Way Out (Robbie's House Demo)
20. Conversation (Robbie's Basement Demo)

Year : 2004
Formant : None(Unreleased)
Minutes : About 60 mins

Download : Guilt Show(Secret Site)